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For just $75, you can uncover heart disease years before you have symptoms.

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1 in 4 Deaths are Heart Disease Related

Heart disease kills more people each year than any other cause of death. So, see your doctor. Know your risk factors. Start now doing the things that will uncover heart disease early, when it's treatable and even reversible.

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 Witness Trees

Thirty-eight is too young to face a widowmaker heart attack. Nobody knows that better than Michael.

 Drive Time

Monte has fought both heart disease and cancer and lived to talk about it.

HeartScore CT
Screening at
St. Bernards

HeartScore CT from St. Bernards can detect heart disease years before you have a symptom - or a heart attack. Painless and safe, HeartScore CT only takes minutes. There are no needles or dyes. You simply lie fully clothed on a table. Yet HeartScore CT renders images so clear that it can help physicians find heart disease, even in its earliest stages, when it can best be treated.

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