Women and Children Services

A woman’s journey through life takes her through various stages including adolescence, childbearing years, midlife and senior adulthood. At St. Bernards, we are committed to providing women's services with the means to stay healthy throughout all of them. To this end we have created a unique series of women’s services to meet the ever-changing needs of the female patient. Through an always growing number of programs, we offer long-term wellness solutions which include educational, diagnostic and ongoing patient care services.

It is becoming increasingly important for women to recognize and take control of their own very unique health needs and those of their children. So important, in fact, that we have dedicated an entire team of healthcare professionals to address a whole host of gender and age-specific conditions. At St. Bernards Women’s and Children’s Services, we’re focusing our efforts on everything from pregnancy and breastfeeding to urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction and just about everything in between. Read on and learn more about the many unique women's services and children's services we are now pleased to offer exclusively for women and children.

Baby State


Get ready for Baby 101. It is a Higher learning for parents to be! Join us for a night of higher learning for parents-to-be during Baby State. This event is free to the community and no registration is required. It is offered on a quarterly basis from 6:00 – 8:30pm. Please check our calendar of events for dates.

You’ll be able to meet the St. Bernards Maternity Services Team, participate in a Nursing Team Q & A, visit vendor booths and learn all about Car Seat Safety.

Complimentary snacks will be provided while you register to win a car seat and other prizes and pre-register for your delivery.

Baby State will take place in the St. Bernards Auditorium, 505 E. Washington. 

Outpatient Lactation Clinic


The outpatient clinic is now located within the St. Bernards Women's Clinic at 800 South Church. The clinic offers convenient parking for the new mother, a private comfortable office space for a one-on-one visit with a board-certified lactation consultant. 

Lactaction Services


St. Bernards has three board-certified lactation consultants on staff to help new mothers in northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri with a wide array of breastfeeding problems.

Problems with which they may be of assistance include, but are not limited to:

  • Painful or cracked nipples
  • Engorgement
  • Low milk supply
  • Plugged ducts
  • Mastitis
  • Yeast
  • Breastfeeding twins (or more!)
  • Breastfeeding an adopted baby
  • Weight checks
  • Babies slow to gain weight

For an appointment with one of our board-certified lactation consultants, call 870.897.7335 or 870.680.2714.

Prenatal Breastfeeding is a onetime evening class to help prepare you to breastfeed your precious newborn. The instructor is an international board certified with many years of experience assisting breast feeding mothers. This class is also offered free to patients who choose St. Bernards.

For class registration, call HealthLine at 1-855-207-7300 or visit our calendar to register on this website.

Couplet Care


The moment you meet your baby is a life-changing, joyous time. It’s a time that deserves a special kind of care. St. Bernards is pleased to offer Couplet Care, where all newborn babies and their mothers are cared for as a single unit until it’s time to go home. Your baby is not separated from you at the time of delivery unless there is a medical emergency. We are devoted to providing a quiet, relaxed environment where you and your family can get to know your baby. St. Bernards Couplet Care helps keep one of the most special times in your life exactly that…special.

Pediatric Hospitalist


At St. Bernards Medical Center, we’re committed to our patients. We consider it a privilege and an honor that you and your physician have chosen us and we strive every day to provide excellent evidence-based care to every patient, every time. 

What is a Pediatric Hospitalist?

When your child requires hospitalization, your regular pediatrician will coordinate your admission with a Pediatric Hospitalist. A Pediatric Hospitalist is the hospital physician devoted to your child’s care during their hospital stay. 

Your Pediatric Hospitalist will:

  • Guide you through admission to the hospital to assess and treat your child’s medical condition.
  • Keep your child’s regular pediatrician informed of his or her progress.
  • Coordinate your child’s care, including all tests such as x-rays, blood tests or other procedures. 
  • Arrange any specialty care, therapy or consults with other providers.
  • Be available to both you and your family to provide information and answer questions.
  • Upon discharge, transition your child’s care back to his or her pediatrician.

Why doesn’t our pediatrician take care of my child while they are in the hospital?

Your pediatrician has allowed us the opportunity to coordinate and provide your child’s care while he or she is admitted to St. Bernards Medical Center. As a result, your child’s pediatrician is able to expand and devote even more time to you and other patients visiting his or her clinic. Upon discharge from the hospital, your child will return to the care of his or her regular pediatrician.

Every patient receives:

  • Care by specialized hospital physicians
  • Evidence-based medicine approach to care
  • A dedicated multidisciplinary team of providers

St. Bernards Medical Center Pediatric Hospitalist Service is just another way that we’re moving healthcare forward for Northeast Arkansas and beyond.

Our Pediatric Hospitalists specialize in care for children who are in the hospital for medical conditions, such as:

  • Conditions occurring around the time of birth
  • Infections of the skin, urinary tract, intestine
  • Respiratory illness such as pneumonia, acute and chronic bronchitis, croup and other illnesses affecting the nose, throat and trachea
  • Infectious diseases of the blood, skin, lungs and kidneys
  • Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and asthma
  • Recovery from surgery or injury
  • Common pediatric illnesses, such as flu and dehydration
  • Viral infections
  • Fractures of the arm and leg
  • Fluid and electrolyte disorders
  • Fever of unknown origin
  • Pediatric PICC lines
  • High-flow nasal cannula
  • Continuous Albuterol
  • ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) general surgery
  • Circumcision

For more information, talk with your physician or feel free to contact us.

Patient Transfer Line: (870) 807.7050 

Fax: 870-207-6581


Prenatal Class Registration


St. Bernards provides classes each month for expecting parents. The birth of your baby is exciting as well as an adjustment. It is never too early to schedule your prenatal classes.

Prenatal Classes will take place in Stroud Hall in St. Bernards Medical Center. Please park on the "M" level of the St. Bernards Parking Garage and follow the signage in to Stroud Hall. 

To register for these classes or to learn more about them visit our calendar or call 870.207.7300.

Safe Sitter Classes


Safe Sitter is a program that teaches boys and girls ages 11-13 how to handle emergencies when caring for younger children. In the one-day course, your child will learn business skills, safety for the sitter, what to do when a child chokes and how to call for emergency help. They will receive helpful tips to make them more confident care givers. They will also receive information on child development and age appropriate activities.

For more information on upcoming classes, contact Karla Davis at 870.336.4909.

Women’s Education Resources


  • Women’s Education Conference Center. With seating for 40, the conference center hosts a number of educational classes, including breast cancer, breast health, Women’s HeartAdvantage™ and “Look Good, Feel Better” in conjunction with the American Cancer Society. Advanced media equipment and a teaching kitchen in the conference center will enhance the learning experiences for today’s women.
  • Women’s Health Resource Library. Containing a wide variety of journals, brochures, pamphlets, interactive media programs on women’s health, Internet access for research, video/DVD library with viewing area, hands-on models and learning tools and a lending library. The resource library brings together the latest healthcare information. Trained staff is always available to assist in the library area.
  • One-on-One Breast Care Specialists. Registered nurses with breast health specialist certification provide one-on-one care to assist patients from screening to diagnosis, treatment and recovery. These specialized RNs teach breast health education classes, deliver patient support and offer community health screenings.


Created for Women by Women

Every woman has a story to tell and having a health condition can be very challenging, but finding your way through the system shouldn’t be.

At St. Bernards, our Women’s Health Navigators can serve as your resource to discuss your health care needs and help you explore your care options. We will help you define your health care priorities and navigate your care through the health care maze. If you don’t know the answer to something, we will  find it. If we can ease your stress by helping with logistics, consider it done. And if you’re faced with a tough diagnosis or grueling recovery, we will offer a familiar face—and a hand to hold—during vulnerable times.

For more information, contact Dimsey Brown at dbrown1@sbrmc.org or Mable Prunty at mprunty@sbrmc.org.

Women's Heart Health Program


Classes for the Women's Heart Health program are scheduled upon request by calling the community education department at 870.336.4912. For more information on the Heartcare services offered at St. Bernards, click here.