Senior Services Arkansas

We are celebrating 25 years of Hospice here at St. Bernards!

Growing older brings with it a whole new set of medical and social concerns. For this reason, St. Bernards offers a variety of assisted living, retirement community, memory care, and hospice care programs to keep Arkansas seniors healthy and active. A geriatrician practices at our Senior Health Clinic, and St. Bernards is a partner in the Center on Aging-Northeast. From our 55PLUS membership program to the Senior Life Centers, seniors will find a wide range of daily activities or seminars to enjoy. During times of illness or recovery, or when one is unable to live alone, seniors may benefit from services like home healthcare, adult day care, hospice, Lifeline, assisted living or retirement community living in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

In addition, St. Bernards Senior Housing options are located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Our retirement communities were created to provide residences for senior adults. Our assisted living communities are designed to meet the physical and social needs of the residents, enabling them to live safe, independent lives. All our retirement communities in Jonesboro are located in close proximity of retail, service and healthcare providers. For more information about our retirement communities at the St. Bernards Village, the Benedictine Manor or the St. Bernards Villa, visit

St. Bernards Village Retirement Community

More than just a place to live, St. Bernards Village in Jonesboro, Arkansas is a unique retirement community. St. Bernards Village residents lead full and active lives in a comfortable and safe retirement community. Options for people age 55 and over include: Assisted Living Apartments, Congregate Apartments (for more independent living), or condominium-style Cottage Homes. Besides the comfort of having neighbors and staff nearby, the 24-hour emergency call system, fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, and overnight foot patrols offer safety, security and peace of mind. Residents of our retirement community are provided meals, utilities, housekeeping, transportation and activities. In addition, Assisted Living residents may receive medication supervision or assistance with personal care from licensed personnel. For more information  about our retirement community and senior services at St. Bernards Village in Jonesboro, Arkansas, please call (870) 932-8141.

St. Bernards Villa

St. Bernards Village is developing a new retirement community in Jonesboro, Arkansas for a higher level of acuity in an assisted living setting. St. Bernards Villa will serve a population of elders who require more personal care assistance with their activities of daily living, as well as those suffering memory issues. St. Bernards Villa in Jonesboro, Arkansas will feature 45 assisted living apartments and 30 units for Alzheimer's care or dementia care. If you or a loved one is interested in our retirement community at St. Bernards Villa or for more information please call (870) 207-6200.

Home Health

St. Bernards Home Healthcare provides skilled and non-skilled services on an intermittent and hourly basis to patients in their homes. This care will promote, maintain, or restore health and/or maximize a patient's level of independence while minimizing the effects of disability and illness. Home Health is a cost-effective, quality driven alternative to institutionalized care. Services include skilled nursing, personal care, physical, occupational and speech therapy, and social services. These services are offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week within a fifty-mile radius of St. Bernards. For more information, please call 1 (855) 207-7400.

Meals Express

This unique meal delivery service was created for those who need assistance with meals in their homes. It is designed to supplement a recipient's regular meals deliciously and conveniently with delivery right to the door or freezer once a week. All meals are prepared under U.S.D.A. inspection and are planned to meet or exceed the Recommended Dietary Allowance of calories, vitamins and minerals. Meals are available in a two-meal pack or a five-meal pack. For more information, please call (870) 207-7620 or call toll free (855) 207-7620.


Hospice is a special way of caring for terminally ill individuals. The team that delivers Hospice care consists of family, a nurse, the patient's physician, a social worker, a hospice aide, volunteers and clergy. Together, the hospice team enables the patient to receive care alternatives which nurture human dignity and truly provide Christ-like care. Our Hospice care serves Craighead, Clay, Greene, Lawrence, Poinsett, Cross and parts of Mississippi, Jackson and Randolph counties. For more information, please call (870) 207-7655.

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Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House

The Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House in Jonesboro, Arkansas is the first and only residential care facility for hospice patients in Northeast Arkansas. The Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House is part of the continuum of care provided by St. Bernards Healthcare and is operated by St. Bernards Hospice which offers home based as well as residential hospice care.

St. Bernards Hospice in Arkansas has provided hospice services for patients and their families in their homes since 1989. When hospice patients no longer are able to remain in their own homes, the Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House at St. Bernards offers an alternative to home-based hospice care.

Located at 1148 East Matthews Avenue in Jonesboro, Arkansas, the Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House is a 19,000-square-foot facility that contains 20 private units with nurses’ units adjacent to patient room groupings and common areas such as a chapel, family room, dining room and kitchen. The hospice house is named in memory of Flo and Phil Jones because of their many years of dedicated service to hospice care and other service in the local healthcare community.

Can my loved one come to the Hospice House if they are enrolled in another hospice program?
Absolutely, including those outside our immediate service area.  If the patient is already enrolled in another hospice program, contact your current hospice provider and let them know that you are interested in transferring to the Hospice House.

Three types of care offered at the Hospice House:

  • General Inpatient Care is needed when hospice patients require procedures or treatments necessary for pain and symptom management that cannot be provided in another environment. The Hospice House is available when extra support is needed in the final weeks of life or as symptoms become too complex to manage within the home. General inpatient care is also used to provide education for families about how to provide care to their loved ones.  Once stabilized, the client may remain in facility at different level of care, return home or the hospice staff will assist in placing the person in an alternative setting such as a nursing home or assisted living facility.
  • Residential Care at the Hospice House can be an alternative for patients with an elderly or frail caregiver, or patients living alone with no primary caregiver. Clients choosing to live at the Hospice House pay a standard daily room and board charge. This covers the 24 hour nursing care and most amenities.  Financial assistance is provided if desired and patient meets criteria.
  • Respite Care: Should a home hospice caregiver need a short time of rest or relief, a patient may be admitted to the Hospice House for what is known as respite care. A patient may be admitted for up to five days during respite stay.

To contact the Flo & Phil Jones Hospice House, please call (870) 336-4200.

Hospice is provided as a non-profit service of St. Bernards Healthcare and is supported through the St. Bernards Development Foundation. St. Bernards Hospice depends upon the generosity of donors. To make a donation or to leave a lasting legacy, please contact:

St. Bernards Foundation, Inc. - (870) 207-2500
Click here for more information or to donate online.

Supportive Care / Palliative Care and Survivorship

Purpose of Supportive and Palliative Care

The goal of supportive and palliative care is to prevent and treat symptoms of life threatening diseases and side effects of intense curative treatments. It is designed to help patients tolerate aggressive medical management easier and therefore with greater success, to live longer and be able to perform daily activities with less effort and greater contentment.

We assist with:

  • Specialized medical care targeted at symptoms that affect your quality of life and treatments integrated with the curative management and destined to make the last one easier to tolerate.
  • Medication review by specialized pharmacist to optimize treatment and avoid dangerous medication interactions.
  • Social Worker services that assist with counseling, education and accessing services in the retirement community.
  • Home health care and home services to enable you to maintain independence in your own environment.
  • Physical and occupational therapy services in order to maximize strength, function and mobility.
  • Nutritional counseling in order to adjust and optimize your diet.
  • Psychological counseling that helps you deal with anxiety, depression, concerns about body image, family or social environment.
  • Spiritual care with our chaplains.

Supportive and palliative care is all about enhancing your quality of life. Our objectives are to:

Total active care for persons with advanced medical illness, especially those with chronic and progressive life-limiting conditions.

The pain and suffering that often accompanies treatment for cancer and other serious medical conditions.

The stress that results from serious illnesses and their treatments.

Patients and their families live as fully and comfortably as possible during their illness and beyond.

Our program provides three aspects of care, medical support services, palliative care and survivorship planning that address:

  • Relief of pain, fatigue, weight loss, nausea and vomiting, depression, shortness of breath, weakness and other symptoms induced by severe disease or their treatment.
  • Helping you and  your family cope with the stress of a severe disease and understand you choices so that you can make the best decisions.
  • Determining what is most important to you and preparing for your future, during the treatment as well as after completion.

Medical Support Services
We know that treatment means far more than just fighting a disease. Your team will help you as a whole person with a variety of needs: strength and independence, emotional health, social support, good nutrition and overall well-being, because fighting a severe disease involves a patient’s entire life and the ones close to him.

Total Life Healthcare

Total Life Healthcare is a managed care program, bringing PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) to specific zip codes within a seven county service area. Total Life Healthcare provides comprehensive health services to the frail elderly. These services include, but are not limited to, all physician services, hospital care, therapies, prescription drugs socialization, transportation and much more. We provide a combination of all Medicaid and Medicare services plus more to keep our participants independent so they can live at home versus a nursing home. All services, except emergency care, must be approved through an Interdisciplinary Team. To find out more about eligibility, services provided, and coverage area, please call (870) 207-7500. To download a fact sheet, click here.

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Senior Health Clinic

The Senior Health Clinic provides comprehensive health assessments, consultations and treatments for senior adults. A caring team consisting of a geriatrician (a physician specifically trained in treating senior adults), an advanced practice nurse and a social worker coordinate care based on individual circumstances. Appointments may be made individually or by physician referral. For more information, please call (870) 207-7555 or call toll free (855) 207-7555.

Center on Aging-Northeast

The Center on Aging-Northeast is a collaborative effort among St. Bernards Medical Center, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Area Health Education Center-Northeast (AHEC), and the Donald W. Reynolds Center on Aging in Little Rock. The mission of the Center is to be the regional resource for older adults, families, healthcare professionals and the community advocating wellness, education and quality care. Senior services include social work services, a library/media resource center, community education and geriatric education for area healthcare professionals and students. For more information, visit or call (870) 207-7595.


55PLUS is a health services program that provides special senior services both in and out of the hospital for persons 55 and older. To enhance wellness, 55PLUS sponsors complimentary health screenings, informative seminars and workshops, exercise classes, an informative newsletter, and a discount on purchases in the cafeteria along with complimentary coffee or tea. When hospitalized, 55PLUS members benefit from a streamlined admissions process, a private room at the semi-private rate, and priority for a cot in the room. St. Bernards' 55PLUS card is honored at participating medical facilities across the country, including CrossRidge Community Hospital at Wynne. All of these senior services benefits are available for a one-time only membership fee of $10 per person. For more information, please call (870) 207-7622.


Lifeline is a healthcare-based personal response service monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by trained, caring professionals. A Lifeline Home Unit is easily connected to a standard home phone jack by a trained St. Bernards representative. The waterproof Personal Help button is worn either as a pendant or wristband. When the button is pressed, a certified Lifeline monitor responds within seconds, assesses the situation and summons the appropriate help. The comfort of knowing help is always near is available for a little more than a dollar a day. For more information, please call (870) 207-7635 or call toll free (888) 325-4680.

Senior Life Centers

Each of the St. Bernards Senior Life Centers provide vital, active meeting places for senior adults as well as a variety of recreational and educational opportunities. Lunch is served daily, Monday through Friday. The Centers also provide transportation, social support, physical activity and care-giving, as well as volunteer opportunities.


DayPlace is a private, non-profit program providing daylong care for senior adults who cannot be left alone during the day but do not require 24-hour institutional care. Nutritious meals and snacks are served and personal assistance is provided as needed. As part of this nurse-directed program, medications may be administered and health problems monitored. DayPlace is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. It is a Medicaid Elderchoice provider with a personal pay cost of $10 per hour with no medications given and $12.48 per hour with medications given. For more information, please call (870) 207-7520.