About the Hospice House

The Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House is the first and only residential care facility for hospice patients in Northeast Arkansas. The Hospice House is part of the continuum of care provided by St. Bernards Healthcare and is operated by St. Bernards Hospice which offers home based as well as residential hospice care.

St. Bernards Healthcare, a not-for profit healthcare provider, has served the Arkansas region for over a century. St. Bernards Hospice has provided hospice services for patients and their families in their homes since 1989.

When hospice patients no longer are able to remain in their own homes, the Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House at St. Bernards offers an alternative to home-based hospice care.

Located at 1148 East Matthews Avenue in Jonesboro, Arkansas, the 19,000-square-foot facility contains 20 private units with nurses’ units adjacent to patient room groupings and common areas such as a chapel, family room, dining room and kitchen.

The Hospice House is named in memory of Flo and Phil Jones because of their many years of dedicated service to hospice care and other service in the local healthcare community.

The Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House at St. Bernards Offers Individualized Care.

Three types of hospice care offered at the Hospice House:

  • General Inpatient Care is needed when hospice patients require procedures or treatments necessary for pain and symptom management that cannot be provided in another environment. The Hospice House is available when extra support is needed in the final weeks of life or as symptoms become too complex to manage within the home. General inpatient care is also used to provide education for families about how to provide care to their loved ones. Once stabilized, the hospice patient may remain in facility at different level of care, return home or the hospice staff will assist in placing the person in an alternative setting such as a nursing home or assisted living facility.
  • Residential Care at the Hospice House can be an alternative for patients with an elderly or frail caregiver, or hospice patients living alone with no primary caregiver. Clients choosing to live at the Hospice House pay a standard daily room and board charge. This covers the 24 hour nursing care and most amenities. Financial assistance is provided if desired and patient meets criteria.
  • Respite Care: Should a home hospice caregiver need a short time of rest or relief, a hospice patient may be admitted to the Hospice House for what is known as respite care. A hospice patient may be admitted for up to five days during respite stay.

Resident Qualifications
Patients who qualify are enrolled in the services of St. Bernards Hospice. These are patients, who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, exhausted curative treatment with a prognosis of approximately six months.

Transfer from Other Hospice Programs
Hospice patients of other hospice programs or organizations can become hospice patients of The Hospice House and St. Bernards Hospice, including those outside of our immediate service area.

Admission is based on availability of rooms and prioritized by corresponding patient need. Admission criteria are utilized to review each case individually and objectively.

Cost of Room and Board
Medicare, Medicaid and some private insurance companies reimburse for hospice services. However, there is a charge for room and board for hospice patients choosing to receive routine home care at The Hospice House. A sliding scale based on a client’s ability to pay is applied, when necessary.