About Flo and Phil Jones

The formal launching and development of St. Bernards Hospice was the result of an intense effort by Jonesboro’s Flo Jones, with the support of her husband Phil. She worked in and studied the hospice movement and visited St. Christopher’s Hospice in London. She continually made the case for hospice care in our community and throughout the world. Flo Jones cared deeply about helping people preserve their dignity as they approached their final days of life.

St. Bernards became the sponsor of hospice care in 1989 with the encouragement of Flo and Phil and the community. The Hospice House is a lasting memorial to this amazing couple who dedicated their lives to the service of others.

“My mother was a driving force in the hospice movement here for years. She was a compassionate nurse and truly was doing hospice-like work before we had a formal hospice. My father was close to the Sisters and served on the hospital governing board, always advocating for hospice care, which everyone thought was a natural extension of our St. Bernards ministry. They both taught me that we need to be there for all who need us, whatever the circumstance, at this most difficult, scary time of life.”

Robert Jones