Dialysis is a great unit that employs RNs, LPNs, social workers, dieticians, transporters, a secretary and water technicians. Our team is exceptional. We often get compliments about the excellent care that we provide for our patients. We have great hours and offer flexible schedules. There are several opportunities for full time with no weekends. There are also some locations that do not require call. The unit is very diverse and we have opportunity to bond with our patients as they come three times a week. We currently have two nephrologists who participate in rounding on every patient monthly as part of the Interdisciplinary Team. This is a great learning experience. We are interested in new grads as well as experienced staff. Feel welcome to apply for a fast paced, dynamic learning opportunity. You won’t be disappointed!

Progressive Care Unit

There is a place in the Progressive Care Unit family waiting for you. Our Progressive Care Unit has 22 beds filled with a variety of patients. The nurses on our floor work closely with our cardiovascular surgeons as well as our neurosurgeon. While we may not be caring for the critically ill, but we still care of very acutely ill patients. With the excellent nursing skills, we provide we are able to not only focus on the patient's ailments, but build a strong relationship with their family.  

Outpatient Care Unit

The Outpatient Care Unit specializes in caring for patients in the observation level of care. Patients in observation range from cardiac to neuro to gastro, even surgical. These patients stay in observation for an average of 24 hours before being discharged or moved to an inpatient floor. The wide variety of diagnoses and the fast turnaround make the Outpatient Care Unit an exciting and fast paced place to work.

Critical Care Unit

Join the largest Critical Care Unit in the region with 36 beds. The Critical Care offers a wide variety of patient types. Once you join our team, you will be part of a dynamic team. You will have the opportunity to care for trauma patients, immediate post op cardiovascular and neurological patient, work closely with our Nephrologists while performing continuous renal replacement therapy, or work closely with our very own Intensivist on an ARDS patient. The best part of working in our ICU is that you join a team with resources everywhere. You are never alone.

2 Main

2 Main & 2 North are both peri-operative nursing units. 2 Main is a 26 bed unit which holds our non-isolation surgical patients. 2 North is a 40 bed unit with a mixed population of surgical and medical patients. We care for patients from admission to discharge during their surgical journey.

2 East

2 East is a great place to start your nursing career. This unit has a variety of patients with Cardiac issues being the specialty. We have the opportunity to work very close with our cardiologist which allows for many educational moments. Our staff consist of RNs, LPNs, Patient Care technicians, Orderlies and Unit Information Coordinators. Everyone works very well together. We would love to have you on our team!

3 North : Oncology

Located on the third floor of the hospital, this 20-bed inpatient unit specializes in the care of hematology and oncology patients who are admitted for chemotherapy, biotherapy, and targeted therapies to treat cancer and its often negative side effects. We also specialize in taking care of Hospice and Palliative care patients. Telemetry is available for monitoring patients who would otherwise require transfer to a cardiology unit. The dedicated Medical Oncology Unit nurses are skilled in dealing with symptom management, whether due to the side effects of treatment or the disease itself. Understanding that patient and family involvement are essential components of holistic care, nurses provide patient/family education and exceptional support during each individual’s unique cancer journey.

3 East Stroke & Med Surgery

3 East focuses on acute therapies for ischemic stroke, as well as management of hemorrhagic stroke patients. A multidisciplinary approach focuses on the acute care, stabilization, secondary stroke prevention, and education for patients and families. Together with members of the rehabilitation team, they facilitate the stroke patient's maximal functional independence. All 3 East nursing staff is encouraged to pursue additional certifications in stroke and med-surg. St. Bernards offers a tuition support program for certifications relative to these nursing specialties. New nurses are preceptored by experienced nurses who are enthusiastic about teaching. Orientation is comprehensive and exposes nurses to all aspects of healthcare. This orientation process is for 6 weeks based on progression of the individual. We offer opportunities for professional growth, continued learning and career development. The wide variety of patients makes working here both rewarding and challenging.

4 East: Womens and Childrens Unit

4 East specializes in the care of women and children. One area of 4 East is the pediatric unit. The pediatric unit cares for medical and surgical conditions from neonate to 18 years of age. There are three levels of care, depending upon acuity, which dictates the nurse patient ratio. 
4 East also has an area dedicated as a NICU step-down unit where newborns who are not requiring intensive care but needing intermediate care are monitored closely.
Another area of 4 East is dedicated to postpartum. Once mother and baby have successfully completed labor, delivery and recovery, the mother and baby transition to couplet care on 4 East. This allows parents to bond with the baby and learn necessary parenting skills. Another area of 4 East is for medical-surgical patients such as hysterectomies, mastectomies and other non-infectious females. 4 East also specializes in the care of eating disorder children, adolescents, and females. 

Birthcare Unit

We hope you will join our team at the Birthcare center! The world of obstetrical and neonatal care is constantly growing and changing. If you love a fast pace, flexible, learning environment then this is the place for you. Our staff consists of RNs, Operating room techs, UICs, and patient care technicians. Our patients often require a 1:1 patient nurse ratio allowing for more personalized care. Our physicians work closely with all the staff allowing for great educational opportunities! 

Surgical Services

Surgical Services consists of a 16 room operating arena that is divided into 12 main operating rooms and 4 separate outpatient surgery operating rooms. These are supported by two Post Anesthesia care units. Surgical services at St. Bernards performs approximately 10,000 procedures annually in wide array of specialties from Open Heart and Vascular surgery to Neurosurgery, ENT, OB/GYN., Plastics, and General Surgery. We take pride in providing state of the art technology to our patients with recent examples being a fully functional Hybrid OR suite and the addition of the new daVinci Xi to our robotics program. Please come be a part of an ever evolving and dynamic health care team.

Emergency Services

The Emergency Department at St. Bernards is a Level III Trauma Center that sees in excess of 60,000 patients per year with a variety of medical emergencies. There are 47 patient care areas, with 12 of those staffed with mid-levels in a lower acuity area open 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. Our staff have special training to be able to provide quality and compassionate care to our patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Staff Support

Patient Service Resource Center is our staffing department for the medical center. We have about 130 Registered Nurses, License Practical Nurses, Patient Care Technicians, UIC, Registrars and sitters. Our staff is contracted to work when we have an increased census and staff openings. Staff Support employees are trained to work in multiple areas throughout the hospital. We also have the staffing office which coordinates staffing for all inpatient nursing units. If you are looking for a flexible position that allows you to float to all areas of nursing and you have at least 1 year hospital experience, we would love for you to join our team! Patient Transfer Center is our bed management office. We coordinate all transfers for the medical center, SBBH, ICU and Emergency Department. We receive roughly 350 phone calls a day and transfer in/out about 40 patients. We are staffed 24/7 with all nurses who use their assessment and critical thinking skills to determine proper placement for all patients.