St. Bernards Will Offer Free ‘Live Healthy’ Classes

Published on Fri, October 13, 2017
St. Bernards Will Offer Free ‘Live Healthy’ Classes

St. Bernards will offer a new series of classes for people who are looking for ways to “Live Healthy” and who want continuing support and strategies for incorporating lifestyle choices that will lead to better health.

Facilitator for the ongoing series, which will begin on Monday Oct. 23, will be Karan Summitt, health educator with the St. Bernards Population Health program.

“This will be a series of classes that will serve as a support group for people who want encouragement, help and strategies for practicing a healthier lifestyle,” Summitt explains.

The interactive format will include a sharing of fun and practical weight loss strategies, tips for increasing physical activity, suggestions for eating healthy on a budget and some tried and true options for eating with health in mind during the holidays and when dining in restaurants.

“This is not a diet. It is not a miracle cure. But we will share real food ideas and real strategies for really good health – and real change that lasts.”

Classes will be interactive, with participants sharing their own successes and ideas. From time to time, they will incorporate food demos, healthy recipes and cooking tips. Topics will include ways to build momentum and boost willpower and well as taking a look at the latest research on behaviors that support good health and longevity.

“It is not a ‘quick fix’ class with special foods or supplements. It is instead a program to help people build skills and move toward better health,” Summit stresses. Classes will last approximately an hour each and will be held in the conference room at the St. Bernards Outpatient Imaging Center, 1144 East Matthews Ave. Open to the interested public, the sessions will begin at 5:30 p.m.

Persons interested in taking part are asked to register by calling 870-207-7488.