St. Bernards Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

Published on Fri, March 10, 2017
St. Bernards Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

One hundred thirty-nine employees – including one with 40 years of service – were honored at a recent employee recognition dinner at St. Bernards. Honorees included those whose employment anniversary dates came in the last half of 2016 and whose length of service fell into five-year increments.

Those honored account for more than 1,800 years of service to St. Bernards, with one having been on staff for 40 years, four for 35 years, 10 for 30, 11 for 25, six for 20, 18 for 15, 33 for 10 and 56 for five.

Employees represent 20 towns and communities in 13 different Arkansas counties and one county in Mississippi. In Craighead County, 75 are from Jonesboro, seven from Lake City, three from Bono, three from Brookland and one each from Bay and Cash.

Fifteen employees are from Greene County, eight from Poinsett, five from Lawrence, six from Randolph, three from Crittenden, two from White and one each from Clay, Cross, Jackson, Mississippi, Prairie and Sharp.

One employee is from Ridgeland, Miss.

The longest tenured employee is Mary Birdsong of Jonesboro, with 40 years of service. She works 5 East.

The four 35-year employees are Rhonda Britnell of Ash Flat who works in post anesthesia care; Judy Martin, Bono, home health; Brenda Wright, Marked Tree, hospice; and Belinda Yancy, Jonesboro, surgery.

Thirty-year employees include five from Jonesboro – Terri Adams who works in admitting; Mildred Lamberth, home health; Gerald Patterson vending services; Edna Pursifull, cath lab; and Robert Strahan, cath lab. Others are Sherry Gibson of Cash, emergency; Julia Holmes, Lake City, one day surgery; Susan Loyd, Brookland, physician’s dining room; Tonya Phillips, Portia, home health; and Karen Warren, Hoxie, respiratory care.

Twenty-five-year employees include seven from Jonesboro – Matt Burnett, respiratory care; Patsy Hollingshead, GI lab; Karen Kelley, 2 East; Brenda Million, hospital administration; Lisa Smithee, pre-admission testing; Laberta Stout, post anesthesia care; and Teresa Wilson, wound healing. Others are Beth Gebhard, Weiner, Total Life Healthcare administration; Angela McCall, Lake City, pre-admission testing; Jacque Pankey, Biggers, respiratory care; and Angela Wiman, Lake City, Total Life Healthcare administration.

Twenty-year employees include four from Jonesboro – Paula Sharp, radiation oncology; Terry Thompson, surgery; Larry Timmermann, accounting information systems; and William Wray, management information systems. Others are Dana Ashcraft, Marked Tree, post anesthesia care; and Amy Roark, Harrisburg, business office.

Fifteen-year employees include 10 from Jonesboro – Katherine Boling, CT scan; Mikcca Craft, nuclear medicine; Michael Givens, medical center administration; Jared Grigsby, emergency; Ashley Hufstedler, patient services resource center; Elizabeth Murff, quality improvement; Terry Needham, radiation oncology; Anna Teague, 5 East; Ann Ware, pharmacy; and Marsha Wyatt, lab. Others are Jill Weeks, hospital administration; and John Wyatt, pharmacy, both of Paragould; Shelley Bettis, Pocahontas, non-invasive cardiology; Debra Henry, Trumann, environmental services; Lori Hodge, Marion, medical records; Amanda King, Walnut Ridge, coding; Pam Lee, Searcy, Imaging Center women’s services; and Teresa Sale, Piggott, radiation oncology.

Ten-year employees include 18 from Jonesboro – William Biggs, management information systems; Barbara Brannen, medical records; Maria Chicas, environmental services; Lauren Covington, 2 Main; Kristin Culbreath, non-invasive cardiology; Sonia Delashmit, laundry; Jennifer Greene, pharmacy; Tonya Hinson, emergency; Ann Holt, CT scan; Dana Housley, St. Bernards Foundation; Hanna Koons, respiratory care; Laura Ledbetter, quality improvement; Teresa Mead, management information systems; Licinda Ohler, Senior Health Clinic; Gina Powell, medical center community benefits; Blaine Russell, emergency; Karen Stewart, behavioral health; and Connie Waldo, one day surgery.

Other 10-year employees include four from Paragould -- Sylvia Blount, accounting; Terry Combs, Total Life Healthcare administration; Karan Summitt, population health; and Tamara Wagner, intensive care; two from Lake City – Kimberley Despain, coding; and Amber Serpico, 5 East; and two from Walnut Ridge – Ronnie Montgomery, purchasing; and Brittany Richey, radiology.

Still other 10-year employees recognized recently include Beverly Harralson, Bald Knob, medical records; Rhonda Hurley, Leachville, hospice; Kymberly James, Wynne, 3 North; Lisa McCrary, Marked Tree, lab; Gail Sharp, Bono, respiratory care; Sondra Vestal, Bay, coding; and Autumn Walker, DeValls Bluff, coding.

Five-year employees include 29 from Jonesboro – Taylor Boling, surgery; Jenny Burrow, 5 East; Daniel Cheshire, Imaging Center MRI; Amber Coggin, neurodiagnostics; Colleen Graham, hematology/oncology; Kinyata Gray, human resources; Tammy Hales, Health & Wellness administration; Taneisha Hardaway, 4 East; Stephanie Hatcher, continuum of care; Melinda Henderson, non-invasive cardiology; Jessica Hill, non-invasive cardiology; Mary Grace Hughes, mobile mammography; Britney Johnson, diagnostic ultrasound; Leann Kaja, hospice house; Janice Lynn, one day surgery; Ellen McGehee, Health & Wellness administration; Hannah McGinnis, hospitalist program; Erin Miehl, hospice house; Helen Newman, senior life centers; Ali Parker, intensive care; Michael Phillips, nursing administration; Lisa Robinson, hematology/oncology; Nikki Shannon, Health & Wellness administration; Marsha Smith, patient services resource center; Miranda Strode, cath lab; Cassondra Stroman, Health & Wellness administration; Lane Thielemier, Health & Wellness administration; Kyra Tucker, neurodiagnostics; and Otis Watson, environmental services.

Other five-year employees recognized include eight from Paragould – Cesiley Crossfield, intensive care; Kristie Eubanks, lab; Amanda King, lab; Katie Morris, Imaging Center MRI; Shannon Moss, respiratory care; Shala Riney, denials management; April Watkins, hospice; and Lisa Wayne, wound healing; three from Pocahontas – Thea Baxter, nutrition services; Victoria Junkersfeld, emergency; and Laura McGinnis, inpatient wound healing; two from Harrisburg – Megan Adams, sterile processing; and Denise Hinds, 5 East; two from Lake City – Ryan Anderson, hematology/oncology; and Cecilia Gauf, business office; two from Marion – Kristin Scarbrough, respiratory care; and Courtney Womble, emergency; two from Brookland – Tonya Greenway, cath lab; and Merilu Keenum, intensive care; and two from Bono – Melonie Knight, medical center administration, and Nichole Moore, medical records.

Still other five-year employees include Lisa Crawford, Biggers, patient services resource center; Melinda Dolezal, Newport, medical records; Carolyn Hall, Marmaduke, 4 East; Drew Hilton, Ridgeland, Miss., Health & Wellness administration; Cody Jones, Walnut Ridge, Health & Wellness personal training; and Brooke Neal, Lepanto Imaging Center, women’s services.