Santa Will Read at Dec. 6 Stories in the Forest

Published on Wed, December 03, 2014
Santa Will Read at Dec. 6 Stories in the Forest

Santa Claus will make an early visit to the St. Bernards Fun Forest at The Mall at Turtle Creek Saturday, Dec. 6. He will be the reader for the December Stories in the Forest program.

He will read the Christmas story, I’ve Seen Santa by David Bedford.

I’ve Seen Santa is a short book about a little bear who wanted to stay awake so he could see Santa. His mother told him, he had to go to sleep so Santa could come. Reluctantly, Little Bear went to bed … but he could not go to sleep. Suddenly, he heard a noise. Gulp, Gulp Gulp … someone was drinking.

He decided it must be Santa drinking the milk the bears left out for him. So he got out of bed and ran to see. When he got to the living room, he could see someone sitting in the big chair by the fireplace. He was convinced it was Santa. But when he got closer, he saw it was only Big Bear … and he was drinking Santa’s milk!

Little Bear scolded him for drinking the milk left specifically for Santa … and Big Bear and Little Bear decided to stay awake together. Soon Mommy Bear came down to hide some presents, and both Little Bear and Big Bear think Santa is there when they hear the noise. But no … it’s just Mommy Bear.

Then all three decide to stay downstairs … and stay awake to see Santa. Regardless of how hard they tried to stay awake, they just couldn’t. And when Santa came, they did not see him … but he saw them!

The Stories in the Forest program gives parents some quality time with their children and exposes children to some favorite books of local residents. It is a project of the Women’s Council of the St. Bernards Foundation.

The Women’s Council is a group of about 120 area women who have joined together in an advisory role to give input on important healthcare issues impacting women and children. They encourage educational as well as service outreach efforts designed to make Jonesboro a better place to live, work and raise families.

The program is scheduled for 3 p.m. Saturday at the St. Bernards Fun Forest at The Mall at Turtle Creek and is open to the interested public at no charge.