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St. Bernards Unveils Revamped, Expanded Infusion Services in Pocahontas

May 23, 2023

St. Bernards Medical Center has revamped and expanded infusion services in Randolph County through a partnership with St. Bernards Five Rivers.

The services, now provided at St. Bernards Infusion Center – Five Rivers, occupy a renovated clinical space within St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical Center, giving patients greater availability and appointment opportunities for non-chemo treatments, such as IV antibiotics, IV iron, blood products, IVIG, specialty infusions and injections.

St. Bernards Assistant Vice President of Radiology, Cancer and Wound Care Alicia Storey said the services bring needed treatments closer to Pocahontas and its surrounding communities.

“St. Bernards Medical Center has a storied history of clinical excellence, and we have patients who regularly drive from Randolph County to Jonesboro,” Storey said. “They can now expect that same level of care close to home.”

Another service the clinic offers includes financial counseling and access to co-pay assistance.

“Many of these treatments, especially the specialty infusions and injections, are cost prohibitive,” Storey said. “We want to help patients navigate any concerns they may have about receiving the care they need and still paying their bills.”

St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical Center Administrator Randy Barymon said the collaboration further solidifies the official partnership between St. Bernards Five Rivers and St. Bernards Medical Center that started in 2019.

“St. Bernards has a reputation of providing high quality healthcare throughout rural northeast Arkansas,” Barymon said. “In less than four years, this partnership has seen us through a global pandemic, and we look forward to the opportunities it brings us in the future.”

For more information, visit the St. Bernards Infusion Center - Five Rivers location page, or call 870.207.8178.