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St. Bernards Unveils New ‘MyHealth’ Patient Portal

Apr 25, 2022

St. Bernards Healthcare recently released its new virtual health portal, “MyHealth,” offering patients improved self-service options and communication with providers.

Through this new service, patients can quickly request appointments, discuss health needs with their providers, request medication refills, participate in virtual visits, access health records and lab results, conveniently pay bills and much more.

St. Bernards Chief Technology Officer Josh Melton said patients have rightfully demanded healthcare services that align with their everyday lives.

“We chose MyHealth because it emphasized consumer choice and patient care,” Melton said. “It puts patients in control of their health and wellness, while further removing communication barriers between them and our healthcare system.”

The portal, created in partnership with the electronic health record company, MEDITECH, includes a web-based option and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Patients with iOS devices can even sync their health records in Apple Health while combining data captured on fitness trackers and remote monitoring devices.

“As a healthcare system, we always focus on access,” said St. Bernards Senior Vice President of Administrative Services Kevin Hodges. “Technological access is a key part of meeting our patients’ needs and demands. MyHealth helps us improve upon our previous efforts.”

St. Bernards will unroll MyHealth access in tiers throughout 2022. Current hospitals using the portal include St. Bernards Medical Center in Jonesboro, CrossRidge Community Hospital in Wynne and Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Wynne. In addition, six St. Bernards clinics have started using it with plans for more in the coming weeks.

For more information, visit or search “MEDITECH MHealth” in the App Store and Google Play.