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St. Bernards Revises Visitor Policy to Limit COVID-19 Spread

Jun 17, 2020

St. Bernards Medical Center allows all patients to designate two essential caregivers/visitors, but only one person may visit a patient at any point, both day and night. Designated individuals are a vital component of the healing process, and St. Bernards recognizes the help that visitors provide in assisting patients during their stay.  All essential caregivers/visitors will be identified during the registration process and screened for COVID-19. They must wear a screening sticker and sign a disclosure agreement while receiving an armband to wear on admission. Visitors must return to the admissions desk in the tower daily to be re-screened for COVID-19.   Masks are required at all times and essential caregivers/visitors will be strongly encouraged to provide their own. In addition, they must wash and sanitize their hands frequently while maintaining proper social distancing.  Upon entering a patient's room, a visitor must remain there except to visit the cafeteria, the 1900 Market or the Admissions desk for daily screening.    Outpatients at our Emergency Department, One Day Surgery, HeartCare Center or Cancer Center may only designate one visitor to remain with them during their evaluation, procedure and/or treatment.  Thank you for your cooperation.