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St. Bernards Releases Statement on COVID-19 Testing, Care Recommendations

Jul 30, 2021
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"With the COVID-19 Delta variant spreading throughout our region, we stress that local primary care clinics, urgent cares, pharmacies, health departments and telemedicine—including St. Bernards Go—remain the best care and testing options for mildly symptomatic cases and virus exposures. Hospital census numbers have continually risen across our state, and emergency departments have accommodated abnormally high volumes recently, including persons needing a simple COVID test. We ask that emergency departments can stay focused helping community members needing emergent care. As always though, our emergency departments stand ready to help regardless of the situation, and someone should not hesitate to seek our care. We sincerely appreciate your consideration and cooperation as we fight this virus together."

— St. Bernards Medical Center Administrator Michael Givens