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St. Bernards Physicians Vote Urologist Rudolph Bowens ‘2022 Living The Mission’ Recipient

Dec 09, 2022

Physicians practicing at St. Bernards Medical Center voted Urologist Dr. Rudolph Bowens, Jr. their 2022 Living The Mission Award recipient, an honor given to a doctor who best represents the St. Bernards mission of providing Christ-like healing.

Dr. Bowens serves as one of four Urologists at St. Bernards Urology Clinic and St. Bernards Medical Center. He joined St. Bernards in 2019, quickly connecting with patients and colleagues alike.

The award, announced December 12 during St. Bernards’ annual medical staff meeting at St. Bernards Auditorium in Jonesboro, involves a selective process that begins with nominations submitted by any of St. Bernards’ 4,000-plus team members. A selection committee pares the nominees to three before the 200-plus physicians themselves vote a winner by submitting secret ballots.

Urologist Dr. Emma Jacobs, a colleague of Dr. Bowens, presented the award. She cited Dr. Bowens’ ability to make people around him feel like family members.

“Dr. Bowens and I have known each other since beginning residency together in 2010,” she said. “Even then, he was known for his rapport with patients. He has continued going above and beyond since relocating here.”

Dr. Jacobs added that Dr. Bowens expresses joy throughout his practice.

“We, as physicians, often use terms like ‘calling’ or ‘service’ to describe how we interact with patients,” she said. “Dr. Bowens takes it a step further and sees his vocation as a ‘ministry.’”

Dr. Bowens, a native Floridian, worked as a chemical engineer in Indiana and Alabama for 10 years before attending medical school at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.

Dr. Cade Martin practices as a Radiologist at St. Bernards and serves as President of St. Bernards Medical Group, a team of more than 260 physicians and mid-level providers. He described Dr. Bowens as a “worthy selection.”

“Dr. Bowens and his colleagues have brought important services to our region, including urological robotic surgeries,” Dr. Martin said. “He’s an incredible surgeon, and his patients and fellow physicians appreciate his devotion to this community. We’re grateful he chose to practice here.”

For more information about Dr. Bowens, including provider and location options, visit, or call the St. Bernards Healthline at 870.207.7300.