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Patient Profile: Breast Cancer Survivor Allecia Tribble

Oct 23, 2019
Allecia Tribble

At this point in her life, Allecia Tribble describes her day-to-day outlook as, “Living fully and excited to just be.” It wasn’t always this easy for her to be positive. 

In 2009, less than three months after getting married, Allecia found a lump in her breast after doing a self exam. 

Allecia was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer, which makes up 20 percent of breast cancer cases. As a nurse, she knew what to expect but the reality of hearing it from a doctor was scary. With her husband and four children in mind, she had no hesitation in deciding to move forward with a double mastectomy. 

“I found comfort in how aggressively my medical team helped fight my cancer, which they attacked full force from the beginning,” she says. “The positive attitudes everyone demonstrated and knowing everything was being done is what really set me at ease. No doubt, St. Bernards and their level of care is what saved me.”

After six months of chemotherapy, seven weeks of radiation and oral medication for five years, she has been declared cancer-free. 

To celebrate Allecia’s 10 years of being breast cancer free, she will be participating in the Runway to the Cure event this year for a chance to speak with other survivors and share her story. 

Now, Allecia is living life to the fullest but also taking an extra step. Along with getting yearly x-rays, she is now a strong advocate for women by pushing the importance of awareness and self-exams to others. 

“Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. You have to be aware,” she says. “So far, my story is a happy ending but not all are and that’s why I continue to share my story and advocate for the search for the cure.”

Allecia’s triumph is an inspiration to other women and their families enduring the same hardships. 

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