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In the News: Importance of Breast Cancer Screenings

Aug 28, 2019

Cancer doctors across the United States have noticed an upward trend in breast cancer diagnoses, which has been found to directly correlate to the availability of breast cancer screenings.

St. Bernards Cancer Center has seen growth and transition over the years to better serve patients.

Dr. Isam Abdel-Karim recently visited with Region 8 News and said there’s excitement to the technology improvements over the years.

“We have a lot of understanding about the biology of cancer,” he said. “A lot of understanding about proteins, the mutations within the cancer and we have a lot of new therapies for this. People are living longer and longer with cancer.”

“The most important thing is the screening,” he said. “Try to find breast cancer before it becomes a mass or it causes problems and starts spreading. The best thing is to have the best method of screening.”

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