Dr. Don Howard Recognized for Ensuring Patient Safety

Dr. Don Howard Recognized for Ensuring Patient Safety

Dr. Don Howard, intensivist at St. Bernards, was recognized recently by the American Data Network Patient Safety Organization with an inaugural ”Good Catch Award.”

He was one of two outstanding Arkansas clinicians whose attention to detail in ensuring patient safety was recognized by Little Rock-based ADNPSO, a federally designated patient safety organization.

The Good Catch campaign helps foster a growing culture of safety by encouraging the recognition and reporting of potential risk and is based on the belief that a near miss or close call reported today can prevent an error from happening tomorrow.

Howard was the recipient of the Physician Good Catch Award. His catch came during a thorough review of medication orders prior to transitioning a patient to a lower of level of care. He expressed concern when he found no documentation for discontinuing a high-risk medication restricted to use in the intensive care unit.

His Good Catch prompted a hospitalwide gap analysis of verbal order practices – especially those in high-risk areas such as the emergency department and intensive care. St. Bernards now has added an electronic trigger within its medical record system to force a review of high-risk medications during transitions of care to help mitigate human effort.

The other inaugural award went to Chloe Baldwin, a registered nurse at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

American Data Network works with hospitals to improve patient care through voluntary reporting of patient safety events and professional analysis of shared data.