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100 Tips for Healthy Living (Part 1)

Apr 27, 2016

Everyone loves a great tip—especially if it helps make a hard job a little easier. Today’s blog is a list of 50 tips anyone can use for practicing a healthier lifestyle. These tips reinforce a foundational truth: a healthy lifestyle is not one big thing. Like almost any other worthy pursuit, it is multiple layers of small commitments, routines and habits that work together to create meaning and a worthwhile existence. It doesn’t matter where you begin, only that you take the first step. Pick a tip today and try it on for size. We’ll share 50 more tips for you to explore in a later blog! 50 Tips for Healthy Living

  1. Get 64 ounces of water intake every day.
  2. Ditch sodas, diet or sweetened. They are NOT good for you.
  3. A moderate amount of caffeine from coffee or green tea IS good for you.
  4. Eat five cups of fruits and/or vegetables every day.
  5. Eat more than five cups for better health.
  6. Lean heavily on non-starchy veggies.
  7. Love your berries. They are full of powerful antioxidants.
  8. Eat more beans. Black, white, brown, pinto, kidney—they are nutrient powerhouses.
  9. Easy-to-grabs are those fruits and veggies that require little or no preparation.
  10. Put easy-to-grabs out where you can see them—work desk, countertops, eye level in the fridge.
  11. Switch to whole grains like whole wheat breads and pasta, plain oats, popcorn, etc.
  12. Eat at least three servings of them every day.
  13. Get your fiber, especially if you are diabetic.
  14. Choose lean proteins.
  15. Get at least two servings of fish each week.
  16. Limit red meats and processed meats to 2 times per week.
  17. Don’t smoke. If you do, quit.
  18. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day.
  19. Walking is an excellent physical activity.
  20. Walking briskly is an even better exercise.
  21. Limit sitting. Stand and move when you can.
  22. Park further away.
  23. Take the stairs.
  24. Ditch the drive-thru.
  25. Eat at home more.
  26. Eat out less.
  27. Know before you go—go online and check nutritional information at restaurants.
  28. Cook from scratch. It’s not that hard.
  29. Avoid processed foods.
  30. Shop the perimeters of the grocery store.
  31. Eating healthy does not have to be more expensive. Shop the specials each week.
  32. A failure to plan is a plan to fail.
  33. Prepare foods in volume. It saves time and money.
  34. Create your own convenience with healthy foods.
  35. Love low-fat dairy.
  36. Try Greek yogurt.
  37. Read the label. All of it.
  38. Watch for added sugars.
  39. Check the sodium content.
  40. Check portion sizes. What looks healthy and sounds healthy may be a very small portion.
  41. Put it back if it contains trans-fats.
  42. Vegetable oils are heart-healthy.
  43. They are still very high in calories—about 100-120 calories per tablespoon.
  44. Lean on willpower as little as possible.
  45. Find friends who are health-minded.
  46. Don’t be afraid of accountability.
  47. If you need to make big changes, join a program, hire a trainer, but make a commitment.
  48. Own the challenge. It is YOUR health.
  49. Remember, you will benefit the most or you will suffer the most.
  50. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Sometimes it is hard to do the right thing.