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A New Start



Building the Future of St. Bernards 

    In December of 2019, St. Bernards hosted a Community Celebration and Grand Opening of the new surgical and intensive care tower, located on the main acute care facility in downtown Jonesboro. 

    New Tower

    In 2015, St. Bernards Medical Center began a $137.5 million development including:

    • Changes and additions to the St. Bernards Cancer and Heartcare Centers
    • Construction of a new surgical and intensive care tower
    • New emergency department configuration with access from Church Street
    • Renovation and refurbishing of the present medical center structure

    Learn more below about all of the exciting changes that have occurred at St. Bernards Medical Center over the last few years!

      PHASE 1


        The all-new St. Bernards Cancer Center opened in 2016. The addition brought all aspects of St. Bernards cancer service together in a single facility. This new location on the main campus also provides space for future growth.

        This addition includes a covered patient drop off on Jackson Avenue, a beautiful atrium and enhanced patient experience spaces.

        PHASE 2


        Completed in March 2018, Phase 2 includes these changes at the Heartcare Center:

        • Expansion of invasive services
        • Addition of a new electrophysiology lab
        • Addition of a new hybrid lab
        • Renovation of current cardiac catheterization labs

        The first floor of the Heartcare Center is used for non-invasive cardiac procedures. The second floor houses all invasive services, including a total of six cath and EP labs. The third floor serves as a 30-unit patient prep and recovery area, complete with a family waiting area. To learn more about the recent Heartcare Center opening, visit the St. Bernards Newsroom.

        PHASE 3


        Completed in 2019, Phase 3 - a surgical and intensive care tower - gave St. Bernards a new “front door."

        Visitors and patients to the new 245,000-square-foot tower enter a beautiful ground-level atrium with access to visitor-friendly amenities such as a coffee shop, education rooms, a chapel, improved wayfinding and support services for surgery and critical care areas.

        The tower features four stories and serves as the hub of all surgical and intensive care services for the hospital. 

        The entry level features a beautiful ground-level atrium with access to a coffee shop and café, education rooms, a community meeting room, a chapel, improved wayfinding, admission services and various support services for surgery and critical care areas. The tower features 14 surgical suites, with the ability to expand up to 20. This level includes a hybrid surgical suite, equipped with advanced medical imaging devices enabling minimally invasive surgery, as well as a special procedure room used for interventional radiology procedures and various support programs including a pharmacy and a GI Lab.

        Additionally, the tower houses a 46-bed intensive care unit that can be expanded in the future. All intensive care rooms are larger than the ones in the current hospital and this expansion brings all adult intensive care services to one floor. 

        The St. Bernards intensive care unit has open visiting hours, which means that with physician approval a family member can stay in the room with the patient. All rooms have a private bathroom, as well as a larger, more spacious family area. The unit also features an ongoing nursing observation area situated right outside each patient room. 

        The emergency department is accessed from Church Street and has two separate entrances: one for ambulances and one for walk-in patients. There are seven bays for private ambulance service, separate parking for emergency vehicles (such as law enforcement, etc.) and a covered entrance for patients who arrive via private vehicle. There is ample parking for patients and families.

        Total cost of the tower/emergency services project is $103 million. 

        PHASE 4


        * WE ARE HERE! 

        The final phase will include renovations within the present medical center, including enhancements of patient rooms, public areas and kitchen and dining areas.

        The project has been developed in conjunction with HKS, Inc., an architectural firm in Dallas that has designed comprehensive healthcare projects throughout the world.

        Nabholz Construction is serving as contractor.







        Exterior View of Medical Center


        Total project cost


        Square footage of the new surgical and intensive care tower


        Truckloads of dirt


        Tons of structural steel in the tower


        Number of pieces of glass in the tower


        Tons of reinforcing steel in the tower


        Total number of beds in the hospital

        240 ft

        Height of crane currently being used on the project

        88 ft

        Tallest point of the tower


        Number of new ICU, PACU and Pre-Op units in the tower


        Number of new, state-of-the-art surgical suites


        New covered ambulance bays


        Mission to bring Christ-like healing to Northeast Arkansas