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St. Bernards Plastic Surgery - Testimonials


“I have been a patient of Dr. Nolan Jaeger since November 2015. I am a 4 time breast cancer survivor who has had many surgeries and reconstruction over the past 25 years from numerous surgeons. I’ve had radiation on both chest walls which make surgeries difficult. I found out last November that my left implant had ruptured and began looking for a plastic surgeon in my area. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jaeger and our first consultation visit was 1 ½ hours of questions and answers regarding my case. Dr. Jaeger was very pleasant, he listened to every question I had written down, and was extremely knowledgeable in the different techniques possible for my surgery. Dr. Jaeger listened to my concerns and was thoughtful and responsive to those concerns. At that point we discussed my surgery options and agreed on a plan. My surgery was in January 2016. He removed the ruptured implant on my left breast through an old incision that looked horrible. I now have a pencil thin scar which is a huge improvement. He also did surgery on my right side which reconstruction had been removed due to a cancer reoccurrence in 2012. Dr. Jaeger did a Latissimus Dorsi Flap (LD Flap) to give me a new right breast. The outcome is now I have two natural breasts, something I have not had since I was 29 years old. I am extremely satisfied with the results of my surgery. Dr. Jaeger’s expertise in the field of breast reconstruction is outstanding. He is a compassionate and knowledgeable surgeon. He is a perfectionist which is a quality you want when looking for a plastic surgeon. Dr. Jaeger and his staff have been supportive, friendly and very considerate each time I have an appointment. Dr. Jaeger by far is the best surgeon I have worked with in the past 25 years. I would highly recommend Dr. Jaeger as an excellent choice in the field of plastic surgery.”

- Rebecca, Breast Reconstruction

“After a total weight loss of about 100 pounds to 115 pounds (depending on the holiday season and my emotions), I contacted Dr. Jaeger for an abdominoplasty. It was the best decision I could have made. From the time I walked into his office to my last appointment, I was made to feel like family. I now show the confidence that I felt (on the inside) after losing my weight. I feel so much better when working out, my clothes fit me better, and I don’t feel like strangers are looking at my tummy wondering what’s going on there. Thank you Dr. Jaeger and staff!”

- April, Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)