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A body’s ability to move—and move without pain—can be affected by injuries, normal wear and tear, inflammation and other conditions related to muscles, bones and joints. When your body needs expert attention to restore its ability to function, you can count on the experienced orthopedics team at St. Bernards. From diagnosis to treatment, our supportive team will guide you every step of the way, including physical therapy and surgery, if needed. 

Total Joint Advantage

The Total Joint Advantage program prepares total joint replacement patients for surgery and supports them through the entire process—helping to speed up the rehabilitation process and enabling a quicker return to being active. 

It’s a team approach that begins the moment a patient makes the decision to have a joint replaced and one that includes the patient's family, surgeon, primary doctor, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses and joint coordinator. Patients also benefit from the natural support system and camaraderie created by having multiple patients take part in the program’s coordinated education and rehabilitation activities. 

Patients receive the highest quality of care. Total Joint Advantage is certified by the Joint Commission and received the National Quality Approval Award. 

Getting Started

Before joint replacement surgery, you will be scheduled for a Total Joint Education Class. As part of the class, you will receive information on joint replacement surgery and what to expect during the hospital stay, along with a pre-surgery exercise program. You will also have a chance to view equipment, discuss treatments and therapies, and meet nursing and rehabilitation representatives. Any necessary lab work*, x-rays and pre-admission testing will be scheduled at this time.

*If your physician sends you to a different lab for additional testing, please bring your lab reports to the education class. This will help speed up the admission process.

Your Coach

Patients are encouraged to bring along a family member or friend who will assume the role of coach through the stages of joint replacement. Your coach should be available to accompany you to the Total Joint Education Class and post-operative therapy sessions, as well as assist with your recovery at home. Your coach will serve as your primary support system, monitor your progress and help you return to normal activity. 

Your Joint Coordinator

A dedicated nurse serves as the program’s joint coordinator andhelps to organize and schedule care. The joint coordinator is available to provide information and assistance before, during and after your joint replacement surgery by calling 870.897.2548.

The Hospital Stay

You’ll receive instructions on when to check in before your scheduled surgery and what type of clothing to bring for your hospital stay and rehabilitation. After surgery, you will recover from anesthesia before going to your hospital room. Within 24 hours after your joint replacement surgery, you will receive assistance to get out of bed and start walking. All joint replacement patients attend twice-daily group therapy sessions while hospitalized, sharing the rehabilitation process in a motivating atmosphere. You should expect to be discharged approximately one to two days after joint replacement surgery.

Preparing for Home

Your Total Joint Advantage Team will prepare you to safely return home and schedule your rehabilitation. Patients and coaches/family members will receive complete instructions on medications, follow-up care and a program of therapeutic exercises. Your joint coordinator will be in regular contact to monitor your progress. 

The Outcome

For patients suffering from severe arthritis and other conditions limiting mobility, joint replacement surgery can be life-changing. The Total Joint Advantage Team will guide you to a safe return to normal activities and an improved quality of life.
Video: Hear from a Patient

To learn more about the Total Joint Advantage program, please call the Joint Coordinator at 870.897.2548.