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St. Bernards OB-GYN Associates - Our Services- Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Urinary Incontinence Treatment
More than 13 million American women suffer from urinary incontinence—or loss of bladder control. Incontinence occurs in women of all ages, but becomes more common as you age and symptoms can range from occasionally leaking urine when you sneeze or cough to experiencing such a strong and sudden urge that you can't make it to the bathroom in time.

Incontinence can be caused by a variety of problems. At the OB-GYN, your physician will evaluate you with an exam and possibly some more advanced bladder treatment tests to determine the most effective treatment option for you.

Many women are embarrassed to talk about bladder control, but it's a condition that can be easily managed or overcome if you seek treatment.

At OB-GYN, a special test called urodynamic testing is used to measure your bladder function. The test can help determine what your best option for treatment is, which may include medications, lifestyle changes, or surgery.

One of our newest services used to treat urinary urge incontinence is Interstim Therapy. You can set up a trial assessment for the procedure, which is a test without a commitment to see if it works for you. This treatment involves numbing a small area and inserting a thin, flexible wire near your sacral nerve. The wire is taped to your skin and connected to a small stimulator that you will wear on a waistband. This stimulator sends mild electrical pulses through the wire to the sacral nerve, which may correct the function of your bladder. If this works and you opt for long-term treatment, a neurostimulator is implanted during an outpatient procedure.