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St. Bernards OB-GYN Associates - Our Services - High Risk Obstetrics

High Risk Obstetrics

Some expectant mothers need to be closely monitored due to high-risk pregnancies.

Pre-existing conditions may cause a pregnancy to be considered high risk such pre-existing conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems or autoimmune diseases. Some women may develop high blood pressure or gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. Preterm labor and multiple gestations may also cause a woman's pregnancy to be considered high risk.

In years past, pregnancy complications leading to premature delivery have required local families to travel extensively—but not anymore. With the opening of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the St. Bernards Birthcare Center, your infant will receive specialized care from a highly trained team lead by neonatologist Dr. Douglas Seglem right here at home.

So, no matter what you experience during pregnancy, our physicians and staff are trained to focus on your special needs and provide the best care for both you and your baby.