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Sports Performance Training

Our sports training membership offers speed and strength development for athletes ages 6-18. This program is designed to challenge athletes mentally and physically while at the same time providing injury prevention and safe techniques to set a foundation for athletic performance on the field and/or court.

There are many aspects to performance training in order to optimize an athlete’s on field/court performance. These aspects include things like speed development, footwork, strength, force production, multi-directional explosiveness, biomechanical analysis, jump/landing technique, proper recovery, flexibility and mobility, and body awareness. Utilizing each of these will increase production of athletic performance and aid in injury prevention. The great thing about St. Bernards Sports Training is that we offer training in each of these aspects.

  • Functional Movement Analysis
  • Lateral Speed Technique
  • Landing Mechanics
  • Running Efficiency

Strength Training

  • Functional Movement Analysis
  • Injury Prevention
  • Explosive Strength Development
  • Core Strength Integration

Elite Sports Personal Training

Work one-on-one with a highly trained sports performance coach to help you achieve your goals. Our elite sports personal training is designed for someone who is seeking individual attention and a truly custom sports training program. Athletes will receive a fitness assessment, fitness analysis, video analysis, individual athletic profile, nutritional mentorship and mindset mentorship among many other beneficial skills. Many of our sports training specialists are not only the best in the sports training industry, many have played at elite levels of athletics with experience in division 1 collegiate athletics on top of graduate degrees in exercise science. Learn more about each of our specialists and our sports training director under our coaches’ bios. With the years of experience and knowledge provided form our staff you will surely reach your athletic goals at $45 per session with a sports training specialist.

Imagine having a specialists or team of sports training specialists who have collegiate athletic experience working with your high school, middle school or club team. That is what our satellite training program is all about. Our specialists bring their knowledge to your school or practice facility and design a program specific for your team’s sport. We implement the program for you and work WITH you to give your athletes the best possible chance and athleticism to win. Click this link to download our team training prices and contact us today to find out if team satellite training is right for you and your team.

These athletes will focus on strength, speed, agility and the basic fundamentals of softball that will help their on-field performance;as well as lower the risk of injury during the season.In addition to physical conditioning and performance benefits, our athletes will work with trainer and coach Jessica Greene, who can share from her personal experience as a collegiate athlete. We are proud to expand into the growing and competitive world of softball.

Meet Our Trainers

Hunter Saffell

Sports Performance Training Director


Education: Bachelors of Exercise Science, Arkansas State University
Associates of Science, Shawnee Community College
Masters in Exercise Science, Arkansas State University

Certified Speed and Agility Coach NSPA (CSAC)
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance (USAW-L1SP)


Jemar Clark

Position: Personal Trainer, Sports Training Specialist



Education: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Arkansas State University

Certification: Action Personal Training

Bio: Jemar has been training at Health & Wellness since 2017.  His fitness background comes from years of playing football. After playing collegiate football at Arkansas State University, Jemar played at the pro level with the Philadelphia Eagles.