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Clopton Clinic - Payment Policy


We are doing everything possible to hold down the cost of medical care. You can help a great deal by eliminating the need for us to bill you. The following is a summary of our payment policy.

All Payment Is Expected At The Time Of Service

Payment is required at the time services are rendered unless other arrangements have been made in advance. This includes applicable coinsurance and copayments for participating insurance companies. The St. Bernards Clopton Clinic accepts cash and personal checks (in-state only). There is a service charge of $25.00 for returned checks.

Patients with an outstanding balance of 60 days overdue must make arrangements for payment prior to scheduling appointments. We realize that people have financial difficulty. Therefore, we want to try to work with each patient to find the best payment option available.


We bill participating insurance companies as a courtesy to you. It is the patient’s responsibility that all insurance information is correct and is given at the time of service. You are expected to pay your deductible and copayments at the time of service. If we have not received payment from your insurance company within 90 days of the date of service, you will be expected to pay the balance in full. You are responsible for all charges.

We do bill secondary and tertiary insurance companies as a courtesy. It is the patient’s responsibility to notify at check-in on the date of service of a secondary or tertiary policy and to give all information at that time. St. Bernards Clopton Clinic is not responsible for collecting insurance information after the date of service. The amount will be billed to patient if information is incorrect or is not given.

If you are seeing the physician for a WELLNESS VISIT, PLEASE NOTIFY CHECK-IN. We will not re-file insurance claims in order to receive wellness benefits. This would be considered fraudulent billing subject to fines and penalties.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the Business Office between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at (870) 932- 1198.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Only established patients will be seen for Motor Vehicle Accidents. Patients must provide all information to billing, which includes insurance information, claim number, etc.

Managed Care

If your insurance requires a referral or authorization to see a specialist, it is your responsibility to obtain the proper requirements or the appointment will be rescheduled until all requirements are met.


Overpayments will be refunded upon written request to the responsible party within 30 days.

Missed Appointments/ Late Cancellations

Broken appointments represent a cost to us, to you and to other patients who could have been seen in the time set aside for you. Cancellations are required 24 hours prior to the appointment. St. Bernards Clopton Clinic reserves the right to charge your account for missed or late-canceled appointments. Excessive abuse of scheduled appointments may result in discharge from the practice.