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Cancer Center - Cancer Clinical Trials

Cancer treatment continues to advance, and today more people are surviving cancer than ever before. Thanks to research and clinical trials, we now have more ways to diagnose, treat and cure cancer in many of its forms. 

St. Bernards Cancer Center is a major participant in clinical trials and currently offers a number of studies to patients who meet specific criteria and wish to participate.

We may approach you about taking part in a clinical trial. If clinical trials are not discussed with you, please ask us if we have a trial that might help you in your personal battle with cancer.

To learn more about participating in a cancer treatment clinical trial, ask your physician or call Amber Moon, 870.207.8177.

Oncology Data Center

The cancer-fighting work at St. Bernards contributes in a major way to medicine’s overall understanding of cancer and plays a big role in innovation and discovery as we continue to search for new and better ways to eradicate all forms of cancer.  

The patient outcome data we generate is gathered through the St. Bernards Oncology Data Center. Information is then published in an annual cancer report. 

Data collected by St. Bernards Oncology Data Center is also submitted electronically to the Arkansas Central Cancer Registry, allowing for comparative analysis with other hospitals of similar size as well as quality analysis.

Data has been entered on more than 31,095 patients since the registry began in 1987. For more information, call 870.207.8210.