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Cancer Center - Cancer Navigators

St. Bernards provides health navigators for many different types of patients, based on need and the patient’s desire to have someone assist them in the management of their care, as well as other aspects of life management. 

Many patients who choose to have a navigator have been diagnosed with cancer and can benefit from having someone who understands the ins and outs of healthcare assist them in managing scheduling and coordinating physician visits and will even attend the visits with the patient to ensure good communication. The navigator will also help a patient find resources such as transportation, financial assistance, childcare and other aspects of life that have to be managed with dealing with a chronic illness.  

A navigator is available to the patient and family to help with medication management, prescription refills and to just answer questions so that everyone involved has the emotional benefit that comes with understanding.   

Breast Cancer Navigator

Dee Collins

Dee Collins is the only certified breast patient navigator in northeast Arkansas. She assists patients with the following: 

  • Explains mammogram results and provide written and verbal education
  • Facilitates and coordinates scheduling of further testing if needed
  • Enhances the continuum of care from diagnostic mammogram to biopsy and to treatment and recovery
  • Ensures patients and physicians receive biopsy results and needed follow up
  • Helps patients with local resources
  • Serves as a patient advocate and liaison for patients during breast cancer treatment 
  • Provides education materials to new newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, including information a Breast Cancer Care Map, which includes information about breast cancer, surgery, treatment, contacts for local resources and support 

Cancer Navigator

Angie Brady

Angie Brady serves as the St. Bernards general cancer navigator at the cancer center. Services include:

  • Offers emotional support to patients and families by providing individual counseling and support groups
  • Coordinates financial and transportation assistance
  • Coordinates appointments
  • Assists with getting wigs/prosthesis/hats
  • Provides education and information
  • Helps find resources
  • Helps improve communication between patient and cancer team

Lung Cancer Navigator

Robyn Thorn

Robyn Thorn serves our patients battling lung cancer specifically. She offers the following services to St. Bernards patients:

  • Acts as a liaison between patient and physician
  • Coordinates education in the community about lung screenings
  • Schedules patients for screenings and visits with patients during their visits
  • Advocates on patient’s behalf to enhance communication with healthcare staff and providers
  • Facilitates all tests and appointments for patients and answers any questions patients might have
  • Arranges screening services
  • Offers emotional support to patient and his or her family
  • Provides education and information
  • Acts as a resource for physicians in the community to assist with patient care at St. Bernards

Oncology GI Navigator

Princess Houston

Princess Houston serves out patients battling gastrointestinal cancer specifically. She offers the following services to St. Bernards patients: 

  • Assist with expedited care or newly diagnosed GI cancer patients
  • Assist in the continuity of care by tracking patient diagnostic results and appointments
  • Facilitate patient access to appropriate specialist(s).