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St Bernards Behavioral Health - Our Services - Eating Disorders

Approximately 10 million females and 1 million males in the United States suffer from eating disorders. Unlike many diseases and conditions, there are no risk factors—eating disorders affect individuals across all ethnic, economic and cultural groups. 

If left untreated, the consequences are dire:

  • Anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses.
  • 10-20 per cent of those diagnosed with anorexia nervosa will die from complications secondary to the disorder.
  • Long-term complications include bone density loss and damage to the heart, kidneys and digestive tract.

Symptoms and Conditions

  • Feelings of distress, guilt and shame related to eating.
  • Anorexia nervosa: self-imposed starvation with excessive weight loss and compensatory behaviors to promote weight loss.
  • Bulimia nervosa: a cycle of binging followed by behaviors such as purging, excessive exercise or abuse of laxatives.
  • Binge eating disorder: Binging not followed by compensatory behaviors and often associated with symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.
  • Other eating disorders: Including symptoms of anorexia, bulimia or binge eating.

If you or a loved one struggle with an eating disorder, the St. Bernards Eating Disorders Clinic can provide help and hope. We provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages, treating the biological, environmental and cognitive aspects of eating disorders. We focus on individual needs and healing both the body and mind.

Our team utilizes a combination of individual, family and group therapy, nutritional support, psychiatric care and close medical monitoring in an integrated approach to treatment. 
We also offer an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) when additional therapy is needed. This program includes group skills training, meal support and individual counseling sessions.

Services offered:

  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Family support
  • Dietary guidance
  • Psychiatric Support
  • Coordination of medical care
  • Intensive group-based treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Maudsley family-based treatment for children and adolescents

If you or a loved one has been experiencing anxiety or depression related to eating and/or body image, the Eating Disorders Clinic can provide an assessment to begin the healing process. Call St. Bernards Counseling Center at 870.930.9090 to learn more.