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McClurkan Clinic & Medical Bariatrics of Northeast Arkansas

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Specialties: Weight Loss
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McClurkan Clinic & Medical Bariatrics of Northeast Arkansas specializes in medical weight loss.

McClurkan Clinic medical weight loss clinic doctors of Jonesboro Arkansas have two programs for weight loss depending on how much weight you have to lose and how rapidly you wish to lose it. The mainstay weight loss program was designed by Medical Bariatrics of America (MBA) and has been shown to be safe and successful long-term in over 100,000 patients in thirty clinics nationwide.

Dr. McClurkan is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine (one of only two in Arkansas). A Bariatrician is a medical doctor uniquely trained to address all of the issues that may contribute to obesity. A medical weight loss doctor is the only one who can make the appropriate assessments and diagnoses, and prescribe the appropriate medications that may be needed to assist with metabolic problems and appetite.