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Buffalo Island Leachville - Our Services - Senior Care

Our experienced team provides expert care for aging minds and bodies—delivered with respect and compassion and focused on maintaining the highest quality of life possible. The Senior Health Clinic team includes a geriatrician, an advanced practice nurse and a social worker.

Together, they provide consultations, health assessments and treatment for senior adults, based on their individual needs and circumstances.



  • Management of multiple health conditions

  • Medication review and management

  • Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss care

  • Mobility and fall risk assessments

  • Osteoporosis care

To learn more about our comprehensive Senior Services click here.

Improved access to care: Unfortunately, health care needs and emergencies are not restricted to office operating hours. St. Bernards Clopton Clinic has staff available to patients 24/7 with real-time access to patient data and personal health information.