St. Bernards Sports Medicine is proud to provide this year’s pre-participation evaluations for our covered schools. We are excited to announce the continued partnership of St. Bernards Sports Medicine and St. Bernards Medical Group in an effort to provide the most comprehensive athletic physical possible. Pre-participation evaluations will include height, weight, blood pressure, general medical, musculoskeletal, EKG (for 9th – 12th grades), cholesterol, glucose, and sickle cell.

The pre-participation evaluations will be held on Sunday, April 19th during the St. Bernards Medical Group Health & Fitness Expo at the Convocation Center. Athletes and their parents must enter the BLUE ENTRANCE. You will proceed to the registration tables. Please note that junior high is for those students entering 7th-8th grade this fall, and senior high is for those students entering 9th – 12th grade. Please read the instructions below to assist you in helping make our event a success:

2020 School Schedule Coming Soon:

Parents – You must create an account with
SportsWare Online and complete the athlete information section, medical history section and HIPAA electronic form. The HIPAA section ensures confidentiality of information collected during the physicals and management during the school year by the Certified Athletic Trainer and medical staff. The SportsWare forms must be completed by April 9th.IMPORTANT: 

  1. The Optional Healthy Blood Draw is for all students. Clinicians will be doing those in the screening area near the Red Entrance.
  2. Wear appropriate clothing – wind pants or gym shorts. No skirts or tight blue jeans. Sport bra recommended for females under their shirts.
  3. Physicals are for all athletes entering Grades 7-12 during the 2019-20 school year. This includes current 6th graders planning to play school sports next season.
  4. Coaches are encouraged to be present to help with crowd control.
  5. To create or access your SportsWare account, click here.

In collaboration with Dr. Devi Nair, Dr. David Vance & Dr. Raphael Ngengwe, Electrophysiologists with St. Bernards Heart and Vascular here in Jonesboro, St. Bernards Sports Medicine will be providing FREE EKG screenings to our SENIOR HIGH (those students entering 9th – 12th grades) athletes. This screening procedure examines the heart rhythms and can identify abnormalities that could be life-threatening. It is important to note that EKGs are not mandatory for athletic participation; however, we highly-recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.