As you enter our Employment Center you see “Our Mission is to provide Christ-like healing to the community through education, treatment, and health services.” Our team members see this message as a promise and live and breathe it every day. It is the choice of our staff to reflect the best that St.Bernards Healthcare has to offer.

We treat every patient and family member with the same care and compassion as if they were our own family. And of course, in a sense they are. The People of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri have given us a very special privilege of caring for their dearest love ones, a privilege we take very seriously. We serve our community with a passion unparalleled in the healthcare industry.

Our hospital is not comprised of brick and mortar. Our organization is made up of the employees that serve the community in which we live each and every day.

Attitude is Everything: Create a Lasting Impression… Always

We treat every customer as if he or she is the most important person in our work place. Our behavior and attitude create a positive first impression that is lasting. We strive to exceed expectations.

Thank Somebody: Reward and Recognition… Always

Reward and recognition are central to the St. Bernards culture. We express gratitude and appreciation to one another. We celebrate our accomplishments and hard work to make St. Bernards the best place to work, practice medicine and receive care.

Make Words Work: Talk, Listen and Learn… Always

We communicate with courtesy, clarity and care in all verbal and non-verbal messages. We listen attentively to customers to understand their needs and to ensure they comprehend information we provide to them.

All for One, One for All: Teamwork… Always

St. Bernards team members share a common purpose: to serve our customers. We build up each other; we share our successes, failures, information and ideas.

Make It Better! Service Recovery… Always

When the St. Bernards experience doesn’t go right for a customer, we pledge to make things better. We listen and respond with empathy, and apologize for not exceeding expectations. We are proactive in making amends, even in difficult situations.

Think Safe, Be Safe: Safety at Work… Always

It is essential that we provide a hospitable, healing, healthy and safe environment at St. Bernards. We identify and report safety hazards promptly, and apply remedies whenever needed. Report safety hazards immediately. Slow down and walk. Choose shoes with safety in mind.

Look Sharp – Be Sharp: Appearance Speaks…Always

When we dress, groom and maintain our workplace with care, we show respect for our customers and give them confidence in our ability to care for them.

Keep in Touch: Ease Waiting Times…Always

Keeping our customers informed puts them and their families at ease. We are committed to sharing information and acknowledging the presence of our customers at all times.

It’s a Private Matter: Confidentiality…Always

St. Bernards protects customers’ confidentiality, privacy and modesty in all situations. We are sensitive to the personal nature of health care, and we do everything we can to earn the trust that others place in us. We strive to promote peace of mind and relieve anxiety.

To “E” or not to “E”: E-mail Manners…Always

Using e-mail may save the sender time, but may not always be the most appropriate or expedient way to communicate. Use discretion in sending, responding to and forwarding e-mail. Remember that electronic messages can be subpoenaed and used as evidence in legal proceedings.

Vive La Différence: Diversity…Always

At St. Bernards, we know that our differences, unique talents and varied backgrounds, come together to create a stronger whole.

Get Smart: Increasing Skills and Competence…Always

St. Bernards is committed to helping its employees, leaders and physicians learn and grow. Professional development demonstrates a desire to continually enhance the delivery of healthcare. We encourage innovation and constant improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.