St. Bernards Moments of Remembrance is an event for families who have lost loved ones.

Join others who have experienced the death of a relative and be a part of a celebration to remember their lives.
Moments of Remembrance is another way we help families cope with loss and continue to heal.
The program will be streamed virtually on St. Bernards Healthcare's YouTube page.

You can find updates on the event page on St. Bernards Healthcare's Facebook page.
For more information, please call: 870.207.7655

Please come by the St. Bernards Imaging Center - 1144 E. Matthews Avenue
on Sunday, December 6 between 1:00 P.M. and 3:00 P.M.
to pick up a small token in memory of your loved one from the hospice staff.

Category: Free Events
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Location: St. Bernards Healthcare's YouTube page
Registration Fee: $0.00
Max Attendees: 1
Event Leader: St. Bernards Hospice