CrossRidge Community Hospital

The hospital in Wynne was originally opened in 1952 as Cross County Hospital and operated as a county hospital until July 1, 1999 when St. Bernards Healthcare entered into a thirty five-year lease agreement to operate the hospital. To reflect the new management and broader service area, the name was changed to CrossRidge Community Hospital.

Since that time, St. Bernards has upgraded virtually all of the equipment in the Crossridge Community Hospital including the following: CT scanner, MRI, patient monitoring equipment, digital mammography, radiographic and fluoroscopic room, surgical equipment, phone system and computer system. The facility itself has also been substantially improved by the replacement of the parking lot, landscaping of the grounds, installation of an interior sprinkler system and renovation of physical therapy, patient registration, pharmacy, radiology, inpatient area, dialysis, emergency room and laboratory.

The active medical staff includes six family practice physicians and one pediatrician. Additionally, there are regularly scheduled specialty clinics for orthopedics, gastroenterology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, nephrology and pulmonology.

CrossRidge has benefited from extremely strong community support as evidenced by the passage of a one-cent sales tax that supports key hospital services in 2000 with overwhelming renewal every four years since.

CrossRidge Community Hospital
310 South Falls Boulevard
Wynne, AR 72396

Hospital Services

  • 25 Acute Care/Swing Beds
  • Auxiliary/Teen Volunteers
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Community Education
  • CT Scan
  • Dialysis Service (Operated by St. Bernards)
  • Emergency Medicine 24/7 (AR SAVES Stroke Care, Arkansas Trauma Network)
  • Free Wellness Screenings
  • Home Health
  • Insurance Enrollment Assistance
  • Laboratory
  • Lifeline
  • Digital Mammography
  • Meals Express
  • Medicine Assistance
  • MRI
  • Outpatient Surgery (ENT, GI)
  • Patient Education
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Respiratory Care
  • Sleep Disorders Center
  • Ultrasound


Family Practice/ General Practitioners
Phone: 870.238.2321

  • Stan Bradshaw, M.D. 
  • Willard G. Burks, M.D. 
  • J. Trent Beaton, M.D. 
  • James Cathey, M.D.
  • Robert Hayes, M.D. 

Phone: 870.238.3261

  • James R. Jacobs, M.D. 


Phone: 870.238.2321

  • Beth Bradshaw, M.D. 

Specialty Clinics

CrossRidge has dedicated a wing of its hospital space as home to a variety of specialty clinics. This allows Cross County patients to visit doctors specializing in specific areas of medicine without having to travel great distances to get to their appointments.


CrossRidge has 30 active Auxiliary members who are also great leaders in the community. They work the front desk for the specialty clinics and Emergency Room, make visits to inpatients, provide scholarships to students who are interested in a health care career, and raise funds so that they are able to give the hospital donations. One member also runs a Prayer Shawl program where shawls are given to those in the community that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Local School Partnership

CrossRidge partners with Wynne Elementary School for the Let’s Go! 5-2-1-0 Program. This is a school nutrition and exercise  initiative that involves a $40,000 grant. For more information, visit