"The first reason that I love working for St. Bernards is that I truly believe in the Mission that we serve. This is more than just a business and I believe that the leadership and staff of St. Bernards has the patient’s interest in the forefront of every decision. Secondly, it has afforded me several different opportunities as a nurse and leader. I have had several different roles in the organization and St. Bernards has always allowed me to grow as a professional. And lastly, the people. I love the people I work with and the friendships that have grown because of work."

Angie Smith RN, MSN, CCRN
Director of Education
St.Bernards Medical Center

"I am proud to be a part of the St. Bernards “family” (and after 34 ½ years, I have accumulated lots of cousins!) I love that we are always moving forward and improving. The NICU is a great example, and from first-hand experience I can say we are heading in a direction I am very proud and excited to be a part of!"

Debbie Gramlich
Print Shop Specialist
St. Bernards Medical Center

"We are such a close-knit family. We are here for each other. We, in laundry, serve every patient at St. Bernards, and what could be more rewarding than that? I’ve always been a ‘momma bird,’ and now I am living up to it."

Kathy Witcher
Laundry Aide
St. Bernards Medical Center

"I have always loved being part of the St. Bernards family. I was so proud to tell people in the community where I worked. I feel St. Bernards Medical Center is THE place for excellent healthcare and I never miss an opportunity to tell anyone about the great things going on there."

Karen Fisk, RN
Case Manager
Medipak Advantage PPO

"I love working at St. Bernards because we are a GREAT example of quality care and compassion. We make such a positive difference in so many lives everyday. I get paid to do what makes me feel good- serving and helping others."

Tammy Dunigan ASMLT (ASCP)
Phlebotomy Supervisor