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Anxiety at Admissions

Sister with patient

Do you bring worries with you to the hospital?

We care about what you care about and we're here to help. 

If you or your loved one are nervous about being admitted to the hospital, please use the resources below. St. Bernards offers many services including emotional support from our Pastoral Care team and private mental and behavioral health services. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and our Pastoral Care team will pray specifically for your situation. 


24/7 Behavioral Health Informational Call Center and St. Bernards Counseling Center

St. Bernards supports our community with a new 24/7 Behavioral Health Informational Call Center. Our call center is staffed with licensed health professionals in confidential settings. St. Bernards Counseling Center offers outpatient counseling and a variety of therapy options which include Employee Assistance, Intensive Outpatient and Psychotherapy. 

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Guided Prayers

Our Pastoral Care team has created guided prayers to help anyone with fears or worries while at the hospital. Click below to access our guided prayers. 

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Pastoral Care

At St. Bernards, our mission is to provide Christ-like healing to the community through education, treatment and health services. The Pastoral Care department at St. Bernards participates in total patient care, ministering to the spiritual needs of the patient and all involved in their care, including relatives, guardians and staff in a variety of settings and circumstances.

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Prayer Requests

Are you nervous about being at the hospital? Fill out this form and our pastoral care team will pray specifically for you and your worries.