2016 Living the Mission Awards

The Living the Mission Awards is a program that has been designed to recognize the employee work ethic as it reflects the mission of St. Bernards, as we keep the promise to provide Christ-like healing to the community through education, treatment and health services. Every recipient honored was nominated by his or her peers and leaders. 

We would like to especially congratulate the following:

  • Nurse of the Year:
    Lacinda Rice, 1 Main
  • Preceptor of the Year:
    Beth Boyd, 4 East
  • PCT of the Year:
    Concha Riley, 3 East

2016 Living the Mission Recipients
Nursing, PCT

Tasha Herren, 1 East Jennifer Strickland, Behavioral Health Kelly Welch, NICU
Lacinda Rice, 1 Main Tyler Boone, Behavioral Health Samantha Davis, ODS
Cristin Holt, 2 East Sara Bayird, Continuum of Care Jack Tucker, Outpatient Infusion
Dorothy Morris, 2 East Lela Smith, Dialysis Crystal Burris, Staff Support
Lindsay Campbell, 2 Main Patricia Porter, Emergency April Riley, Surgery
Melody Kent, 3 East Jason Cottingham, Emergency Angela Pugsley, Total Life Healthcare
Concha Riley, 3 East Jennie Fleeman, Home Health Joyce McCann, Utilization Management
Daniel Vaughn, 3 North Emily Moore, Hospice Laura McGinnis, Vascular Access
Christina Johnson, 4 East Megan Sheeks, ICU Christy Breeding, 5 East
Beth Boyd, 4 East Susan Glasgow, ICU

Customer Service Banner Winners

FY 2015 Patient Experience Responsiveness Pain Control
April ICU

1 Main (tie)
4 East (tie)

5 East
May 3 North 4 East  1 Main
June 2 Main ICU 4 East
July 4 East 1 East 2 North
August 3 North 5 East 1 East
September 3 East 4 East 2 Main

*Overall Fiscal Year 2015 Award Recipient - 4 East

FY 2016 Patient Experience Responsiveness Pain Control
October 4 East 3 North 2 Main
November 4 East 1 Main 3 East
December 2 East 5 East 2 Main

Certified Nurses

ONS Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Certification 

  • Mike Phillips 
  • Kristy Ammons 
  • Christina Thompson
  • Cassondra Stroman
  • Anna Simpson
  • McKenzie Hanshaw
  • Whitney Parrish
  • Julie Heckethorn

Certified Case Manager

  • Zepha McMullen
  • Lisa Weir

PCCN Progressive Care Certified Nursing

  • Natalie St. John

Clinical Health Coaching

  • Lisa Weir

Hospice Certified Nurses

  • Sherry Freeze
  • Scott Harris

Orthopedic Nurse Certification

  • Diane Andrews
  • JoAnne Woodward
  • Sarah Lynn

CCRN-Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal Critical Care Certification

  • Sara Warhurst


  • Janet Bowers            
  • Jane Gary
  • Tonya Heer
  • Joel Miller
  • Linda Pridmore
  • Belinda Yancy


  • Brenda Adkins
  • Chris Madden


  • Beth Murff - Certified Patient Safety Professional 
  • Jessica Camp - AG-CNS
  • Laura Ledbetter - Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (CPEN)
  • Dana Corbett - Progressive Care Certified Nurse (PCCN)
  • Karen Pettit- Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ)
  • Jessica Baltz - Adult Clinical Specialist
  • Amanda McMillon - Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Debbi Ledbetter - Board Certified in Infection Prevention and Control
  • Angie Smith - CCRN (Critical Care) / Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist (ACNS-BC)
  • Susan Pollard - BSN, RN, RNC, Certifiec Inpatient Obstetrical Nurse
  • Vickie Emerson - BLS